Richard Stelmach

I'm a UX/UI/digital designer with over 12 year's commercial experience in web design. I love usability testing, conversion rate optimisation, wireframing, prototyping and visual design. I enjoy utilising both qualitative and quantitative testing methods to drive commercial benefit and create effective designs that fulfill their objective. I believe in a test driven design cycle to continually gain insights, optimise designs and measure their impact. Outside of design, I enjoy illustration, art, photography and the outdoors.

Key Skills

User Centered Design

Incorporate user testing and qualitative feedback to:

  • Benchmark designs
  • Identify usability isses
  • Help generate ideas
  • Improve user experience
  • Optimise performance in relation to objective
  • Enable evidence based decisions

AB Testing

Researched, designed, developed and analysed a large number of AB tests.

  • Experience in all aspects of AB testing
  • Enjoy collaboration
  • Supported and enabled others to test
  • Helped develop AB testing programme
  • Believe in test driven design cycle
  • Enjoy driving commercial benefit through innovation

Usability Testing

I love usability testing:

  • Have run 100s of qualitative tests via
  • Observed and analysed lab usability tests
  • Have run, analysed and actioned remote usability tests
  • Created clickable prototypes for tests with Axure RP
  • Studied usability testing as part of my Foundation Degree

Wireframing & Prototypes

I believe in the benefits of wireframing and prototypes:

  • Efficient design process
  • Improved quality
  • Allows testing of ideas
  • Can give a better feel for designs
  • I have created many complex prototypes with Axure RP

Visual Design

As well as wireframing, I also have visual design experience.

  • Creative person who loves illustration, art and photography
  • Over 12 years of experience
  • Web/UI, logo and print experience
  • Can design to a broad range of styles

Front-end Development

I'm primarily a designer but have strong front-end dev skills too.

  • Hand coding HTML and CSS since 2002
  • jQuery
  • Semantic, clean markup
  • Web standards and accessibility
  • Cross browser compability

Responsive Design

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  • Designed complex travel systems for mobile use
  • Mobile AB test reserch, design, dev and analysis
  • Remote user testing on mobile
  • Mobile research via
  • Front-end development for mobile


I'm a designer but sometimes I have to get my hands dirty.

  • Experience working in variety of environments
  • Have worked in PHP and ASP.NET MVC C# environments
  • Experience with Tortoise SVN
  • MySQL and SQL experience
  • Variety of software including Adobe CC, Axure RP, Sketch App, InVision, Zeplin.

Selected Case Studies

Having been a UX/web/digital designer for over 12 years, I have a wide variety of work covering many areas of digital design. My specialism lies more in commercially orientated, user centered design, having spent most of my career in large ecommerce environments. I have however, also created many logos, small scales websites, banners, email templates, print design & more!

I've therefore tried to highlight recent examples that I'm proud of, which demonstrate methodology & commercial benefit.

  • MyWordList UX, UI, Branding

    In progress. Collaborating with my brother Andrew Stelmach (developer), I learnt Sketch App, creating a full design system and symbol library, accounting for all Bootstrap 4 breakpoints, typography and UI components. I also created the logo, branding and copy. As well as the visual UI design, I created flow charts with lucidchart and user stories, managed on a Waffle board. Designs shared with InVision and Zeplin.

    Highlight: Flow, IA, Sketch App design system and library; InVision prototype; Zeplin; Waffle Board; and full responsive design accounting for all Bootstrap 4 breakpoints.

    Read the case study

  • SuperBreak’s First Chartered Flight Break to Iceland

    UX, UI design for SuperBreak’s first chartered flight breaks to Northern Iceland, the only company in the UK to sell flights to Northern Iceland from around 8 UK airports. The online experience was turned around within one week, working in an agile fashion, creating and estimating user stories, collaborating with product, business analyst, web content and development. Within four weeks, the business sold 40% of its allocation.

    Highlight: Exclusive and exciting product for SuperBreak. Quick agile, iterative turnaround, collaborating across teams.

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  • Product Page Redesign

    Redesign of SuperBreak’s product page, improving the user experience, website consistency, conversion rate, SEO rankings and visitor numbers. The key highlight was a +96% improvement to year on year conversion rate for SuperBreak’s Theatre Product pages; +22.13% page value increase for hotel only; +14% conversion rate increase for hotel only.

    Highlight: +14% hotel only, conversion rate uplift

    Read the case study

  • SuperBreak Homepage Evolution

    Design, qualitative research and AB test of SuperBreak’s homepage. The first stage of a series of iterative enhancements to continually optimise the performance of the SuperBreak homepage with a measured, user centered approach, resulting in a +3.72% conversion rate uplift.

    Highlight: +3.72% conversion rate uplift

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