Richard Stelmach

I'm a UX designer with over 12 year's commercial experience in web design. I love usability testing, conversion rate optimisation, wireframing, prototyping and visual design. I enjoy utilising both qualitative and quantitative testing methods to drive commercial benefit and create effective designs that fulfill their objective. I believe in a test driven design cycle to continually gain insights, optimise designs and measure their impact. Outside of design, I enjoy illustration, art, photogrophy and the outdoors.

Key Skills

User Centered Design

I incorporate user testing and qualitative feedback as frequently as possible throughout the design process to improve user experience, benchmark designs, identify usability issues, generate ideas and ultimately to optimise the performance of a design in relation to its objective. I believe in removing subjectivity from design decisions and basing as much as possible on evidence.

AB Testing

I have researched, designed, developed and analysed a large number of AB tests. I also enjoy collaborating with others and so my role often varies between doing the whole thing myself, a certain aspect of the process or supporting others in their AB tests. I have had significant uplifts in conversion, revenue and helped increase the frequency of testing to drive more rapid change. As a true AB tester, I believe insights can be gained from any AB test but gain the most satisfaction from driving commercial benefit through innovation.

Usability Testing

I have run 100s of qualitative tests via to gain valuable insights & benchmark designs. I also have experience of remote usability testing via whatusersdo, writing test scripts, designing clickable prototypes, analysing results and actioning solutions. I studied usability testing & feedback methods as part of my Foundation Degree, facilitated a session and have observed other assisted sessions. I love testing!

Wireframing & Clickable Prototypes

Often I use Axure RP to create wireframes. This can enable a more efficient and effective design process by being able to quickly try out different ideas; test & benchmark working wireframes on users; before committing to a fully fledged visual design. I have created a number of complex prototypes of pages and user journeys with Axure RP, which has enabled user testing before projects have been developed and launched.

Visual Design

I'm not all about user testing, I can make things look nice too! I am a very creative person who loves illustration, art, photography and more! I gain satisfaction from creating visually strong designs in terms of web design, logo design, branding, as well as creating simple, modern and professional interfaces to a range of styles. I have print design experience too, despite having always primarily focussing on digital design.

Front-end Development

Hand coding HTML & CSS since 2002! I have also been using jQuery for a number of years. I believe in clean, minimal code that is cross-browser compatible, as well as using the latest techniques, wherever possible. I have done front-end development in all of my jobs so far. I believe in semantic markup, web standards and accessibility.

Responsive Design

Rescale this website or view it on a different device, hopefully it will still look pretty good! As well as knowing the main principles behind responsive design, I have also designed a large number of projects & introduced complex travel systems to mobile. I have researched, designed and developed AB tests on mobile; created clickable mobile prototypes and ran a remote usability test to gain insights.


I have worked in a number of different development environments such as PHP, ASP.NET MVC C#, classic ASP, MySQL, SQL, coldfusion and often use Tortoise SVN. Though my back-end development skills are not fantastic, I am able to find my way around, adapt and am always keen to develop my skills. I am familar with many design and development programmes such as Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, Axure RP, Adobe Animate and Visual Studio, for example.

Selected Case Studies

Having been a UX/web/digital designer for over 12 years, I have a wide variety of work covering many areas of digital design. My specialism lies more in commercially orientated, user centered design, having spent most of my career in large ecommerce environments. I have however, also created many logos, small scales websites, banners, email templates, print design & more!

I've therefore tried to highlight recent examples that I'm proud of, which demonstrate methodology & commercial benefit.

  • Product Page Redesign

    Redesign of SuperBreak’s product page, improving the user experience, website consistency, conversion rate, SEO rankings and visitor numbers. The key highlight was a +96% improvement to year on year conversion rate for SuperBreak’s Theatre Product pages; +22.13% page value increase for hotel only; +14% conversion rate increase for hotel only.

    Highlight: +14% hotel only, conversion rate uplift

    Read the case study

  • Website Reassurance AB Test

    Improving reassurance messaging on the SuperBreak homepage, resulting in a +5.8% conversion rate uplift.

    Highlight: +5.8% conversion rate uplift

    Read the case study

  • SuperBreak Homepage Evolution

    Design, qualitative research and AB test of SuperBreak’s homepage. The first stage of a series of iterative enhancements to continually optimise the performance of the SuperBreak homepage with a measured, user centered approach, resulting in a +3.72% conversion rate uplift.

    Highlight: +3.72% conversion rate uplift

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  • Mobile Search Results: Order by and refine feature

    Qualitative research, design and AB test, resulting in +10.7% conversion uplift, improving the clarity and overall user experience of SuperBreak’s order and refine features on their hotel search results pages.

    Highlight: +10.7% conversion uplift

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