Richard Stelmach

I'm a UX/UI/digital designer with over 12 year's commercial experience in web design. I love usability testing, conversion rate optimisation, wireframing, prototyping and visual design. I enjoy utilising both qualitative and quantitative testing methods to drive commercial benefit and create effective designs that fulfill their objective. I believe in a test driven design cycle to continually gain insights, optimise designs and measure their impact. Outside of design, I enjoy illustration, art, photography and the outdoors.

Key Skills

User Centered Design

Incorporate user testing and qualitative feedback to:

  • Benchmark designs
  • Identify usability isses
  • Help generate ideas
  • Improve user experience
  • Optimise performance in relation to objective
  • Enable evidence based decisions

AB Testing

Researched, designed, developed and analysed a large number of AB tests.

  • Experience in all aspects of AB testing
  • Enjoy collaboration
  • Supported and enabled others to test
  • Helped develop AB testing programme
  • Believe in test driven design cycle
  • Enjoy driving commercial benefit through innovation

Usability Testing

I love usability testing:

  • Have run 100s of qualitative tests via
  • Observed and analysed lab usability tests
  • Have run, analysed and actioned remote usability tests
  • Created clickable prototypes for tests with Axure RP
  • Studied usability testing as part of my Foundation Degree

Wireframing & Prototypes

I believe in the benefits of wireframing and prototypes:

  • Efficient design process
  • Improved quality
  • Allows testing of ideas
  • Can give a better feel for designs
  • I have created many complex prototypes with Axure RP

Visual Design

As well as wireframing, I also have visual design experience.

  • Creative person who loves illustration, art and photography
  • Over 12 years of experience
  • Web/UI, logo and print experience
  • Can design to a broad range of styles

Front-end Development

I'm primarily a designer but have strong front-end dev skills too.

  • Hand coding HTML and CSS since 2002
  • jQuery
  • Semantic, clean markup
  • Web standards and accessibility
  • Cross browser compability

Responsive Design

Rescale this website or view it on a different device!

  • Designed complex travel systems for mobile use
  • Mobile AB test reserch, design, dev and analysis
  • Remote user testing on mobile
  • Mobile research via
  • Front-end development for mobile


I'm a designer but sometimes I have to get my hands dirty.

  • Experience working in variety of environments
  • Have worked in PHP and ASP.NET MVC C# environments
  • Experience with Tortoise SVN
  • MySQL and SQL experience
  • Variety of software including Adobe CC, Axure RP and Visual Studio

Selected Case Studies

Having been a UX/web/digital designer for over 12 years, I have a wide variety of work covering many areas of digital design. My specialism lies more in commercially orientated, user centered design, having spent most of my career in large ecommerce environments. I have however, also created many logos, small scales websites, banners, email templates, print design & more!

I've therefore tried to highlight recent examples that I'm proud of, which demonstrate methodology & commercial benefit.

  • Product Page Redesign

    Redesign of SuperBreak’s product page, improving the user experience, website consistency, conversion rate, SEO rankings and visitor numbers. The key highlight was a +96% improvement to year on year conversion rate for SuperBreak’s Theatre Product pages; +22.13% page value increase for hotel only; +14% conversion rate increase for hotel only.

    Highlight: +14% hotel only, conversion rate uplift

    Read the case study

  • Website Reassurance AB Test

    Improving reassurance messaging on the SuperBreak homepage, resulting in a +5.8% conversion rate uplift.

    Highlight: +5.8% conversion rate uplift

    Read the case study

  • SuperBreak Homepage Evolution

    Design, qualitative research and AB test of SuperBreak’s homepage. The first stage of a series of iterative enhancements to continually optimise the performance of the SuperBreak homepage with a measured, user centered approach, resulting in a +3.72% conversion rate uplift.

    Highlight: +3.72% conversion rate uplift

    Read the case study

  • Mobile Search Results: Order by and refine feature

    Qualitative research, design and AB test, resulting in +10.7% conversion uplift, improving the clarity and overall user experience of SuperBreak’s order and refine features on their hotel search results pages.

    Highlight: +10.7% conversion uplift

    Read the case study

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