SuperBreak’s First Chartered Flight Break to Iceland

Posted 28th August 2017, in UI / Visual

UX, UI design for SuperBreak's first chartered flight breaks to Northern Iceland, the only company in the UK to sell flights to Northern Iceland from around 8 UK airports. The online experience was turned around within one week, working in an agile fashion, creating and estimating user stories, collaborating with product, business analyst, web content and development. Within four weeks, the business sold 40% of its allocation.

SuperBreak Iceland Breaks Mobile Design


  • UX Design & requirements gathering
  • UI Design
  • Collaboration, creating user stories
  • Estimating in order to deliver MVP


User stories

SuperBreak had their first chartered flight allocation signed off and began contracting hotels, tours and tickets. They would create fixed breaks combining flights, a choice of hotel stay, set number of nights, two experiences included and with SuperBreak’s normal optional extras, users can add.

The break had similarities with other existing products but the journey needed adapting so would make sense to the user, be a good experience and include all the information they would need to make the booking and feel safe and secure. Key selling points also needed to be emphasised, such as SuperBreak being the first and only company to offer the break. It would be the first time customers could fly from their local airport to the destination.

Working closely with a business analyst we talked to the product director and went through the a similar journey on the website, discussing ideas on what would need adapting and to gain an understanding of the new product.

Based on the discussion I then created around 50 user stories.

Working with a BA and developer, we then estimated each user story and prioritised them. We aimed to deliver the user stories incrementally over a period of time to get as much benefit to the customer as quickly as possible. The backlog would also allow us to flex effort accordingly with performance of the product after launch.

Desktop and Tablet Landing Page

As well as adjusting each step in the journey including break product page, hotel search results, hotel product page and the checkout page, we collaborated with web content to create the main landing page. We discussed ideas beforehand as to what content should be emphasised and the format of the page. An existing page template was then used by web content to build the page.

desktop, tablet incredible Iceland landing page

Mobile Landing Page

Mobile designs were created and supplied to a third party to develop. The page template would also be used for other key marketing pages across the website such as Friday Night Breaks.

Iceland mobile designs

Follow up AB Test

After launch the business was keen to promote so changed the homepage background image to feature the break. As the project was delivered iteratively, the initial delivery did not incorporate the breaks in the hotel+flight search form. Fearing conversion impact and to enhance UX, I created an AB test to add a link to the background image, and measured various metrics and conversion. The link positively impacted performance.

SuperBreak Iceland AB Test


Turning around the project within a week from initial discussion to launch was great. I enjoyed the collaboration between departments, creating user stories, an agile approach and daily project team standups. The user journey was received well by people within the business and the new product was received well within the travel trade industry, airports and customers. Within 4 weeks, the company sold 40% allocation and extended the product allocation, which the web treatment contributed to.